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Relax & relieve the everyday strains with our customised massages to suit your personal needs. Our experienced Male & Female masseurs offer different massage techniques including Swedish & deep tissue for each individual, our holistic approach using chosen essential oils will help to relax, balance & heal your body. You choose what suits you and we will do the rest lay back and enjoy the tranquility of Amoré’s 3rd floor.

Please Note – Talc is used in our baby massage instead of oils.

Massage Hitchin


Working on the top part of the body with a mixture of essential oils to suit your personal needs this massage will relieve the stress that we tend to carry in our shoulders. Problem areas can be worked on with our deep tissue massage if required. Please let your masseur know what kind of massage you are looking for.


This massage again will be customised to your personal needs with essential oils as an aromatherapy treatment or holistic to heal & balance your body. Deep tissue can be used again on any problem areas.

BABY MASSAGE £12.50/15mins

Perfect for babies who are restless or poor sleepers & talc is used instead of oil for this gentle massage.

HEAD MASSAGE £25/30 mins

A beautiful essential oil massage focusing on the pressure points on the scalp & shoulders, perfect to relieve stress & tension.


This is offered on the hands or feet & will work on the pressure points linked to the body, this treatment can help with many health problems.