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Nails Hitchin

Our nail technicians offer a wide range of nail treatments using world recognised products from the nail industry. With over 25 years experience we specialise in nail care which includes our exclusive nail biting programme and our specialist footworks foot spa.


Have you got the potential for gorgeous nails? Bio Sculpture Gel Nails are a natural gel overlay that are specially designed to give your natural nails extra strength


which will last for weeks. Maintenance is required & we offer infills or re-balancing on these gels to avoid

soaking off every time. With a wide range of luscious colours, shimmers and sparkles, we guarantee to give our clients the most popular or classic style nails that you can grow to their full potential, Perfect for your fingers or toes. Bio Sculpture nails are the ideal choice for extra strength and are longer lasting than our OPI gels.

ACRYLIC NAIL EXTENSIONS £35/1hr senior tech
£25/1hr 30 mins junior tech

Do you desire longer glamorous or natural healthy looking nails instantly? Then look no further. Our acrylic nail technicians use the best quality CND products offering the most beautiful nail extensions, from French tips to colour or even natural to look just like your very own. All nail preparation is done by hand filing, no drills are used & we promise to give you the nails of your dreams even celebs would envy!

Bio-scuplture-colors-gel-nails-229x300INFILLS & REBALANCING £25/1hr

This procedure is usually carried out every two weeks depending on your individual nail growth & is crucial for the longevity of your acrylics or gels. As your nails grow the product has a gap down to the cuticle so therefore will need to be infilled to avoid the product from lifting & to keep your nails looking beautiful. If appointment gaps are left too long then there is a chance that lifting may occur which could be more costly in the long run.


OPI Gelcolor offers the latest technology in a gel based polish. OPI Gelcolor will last for weeks with no chips giving you a longer lasting polish & is dry instantly. Offered in French or colour & removed professionally this


manicure is ideal for that special occasion or holiday. Please note that this treatment is not ‘infillable’ so requires a soak off upon each visit ready for your next choice of colour. We choose OPI over shellac as we find it gives even better lasting results but we do offer a limited range of Shellac colours.


Offered in a huge choice of colours our glitter and gem stones are embedded into the gel to give a sparkly, glamorous glitter finish which will last for weeks


MANICURE STANDARD £30/45 mins LUXURY £35/ 1hr

Give your hands & nails the care they deserve with our manicure using natural organic Thai products. Your hands will be transformed with our sensual exfoliation & revitalising lavender & citrus massage, together with our cuticle work & shaping all ready for your chosen colour or treatment to finish. Hot paraffin wax or natural treatment oils can be added to our manicure for extra moisturisation in a luxury..

PEDICURE STANDARD £35/1hr LUXURY £40 / 1hr 15mins


Sit back & relax as your feet are refreshed in our scented oil foot lagoon. Our Thai defoliator will eliminate tired skin cells & hard skin will be removed followed by a deep leg & foot massage. Cuticle work & filing to your desired length is carried out all ready for your chosen colour.

Hot paraffin wax or natural treatment oils can be added to your pedicure for extra moisturisation. £10

A callus peel treatment is also offered for cracked,dry, or tough skin and problem heels. £10

COLOUR & NAIL ART from £10


We have a beautiful range of China Glaze colours & nail treatments to choose from including exclusive glitter &

French finishes.

We also offer an extensive range of nail art for fingers or toes, from bridal gem designs, hand painted designs to 3d art to nail embedding.


Would you love to kick the habit?

Our nail biting programme has been designed to do just that & is exclusive to Amore. This is a 3 month programme which gives you continuous support & free nail checks in between your salon appointments. After your extensions have been on for long enough for your nails to grow, they can be overlayed in acrylic or gel for extra support. This programme has helped many clients stop biting their nails giving them pride & confidence in having their very own healthy manicured nails.

A free aftercare kit is presented to you,when your goal is achieved.