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Amoré are renowned for their reflexology in Hitchin. Our resident Holistic specialist Karen provides a beautiful treatment that is gentle, soothing yet effective. Reflexology is based on massage and stimulation of reflex areas found on the feet.

Our feet mirror images of the body. Our toes are relating to the head, the upper part of the foot to the chest and lung area, moving to the digestive area, the middle of the foot (the instep) is the pelvis and lower back reflexes are found in the heel.

With one of the leading therapists for reflexology in Hitchin Amoré is the perfect place to experience this Physically healing and spiritually opening treatment.

Reflexology can affect all aspects of a person from the physical, the emotional, the psychological and even the spiritual self. The treatment encourages us to return to a harmonious state, regaining our body’s natural balance. Reflexology chart

As feet have thousands of nerve endings which travel the length and the breadth of the body reflexology has a positive effect to the nerves’ function and communication within the body. With this treatment you will benefit from increased circulation which therefore improves the blood and lymphatic systems that keep our glands and organs stimulated and enhances our immune system. Reflexology can be used to counteract tension held in various areas and aids the relaxtion of the muscles. For our minds it enables us to deeply relax and oxygen travels more effectively throughout us.

There are many benefits from working on this nerve filled, sensitive area of the body it is effective for restful sleep, back pain, headaches or migraines, infertility, circulation, digestive problems, hormonal imbalances and works for men and women, children and babies.

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